Ophiuchus- The 13th Sign Of The Zodiac

Ophiuchus- The 13th Sign Of The Zodiac

Are you really Sagittarius or could you be Ophiuchus (oh-FYU-kus), the missing sign of the zodiac?

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, is a real constellation the sun passes in front of between November 29th and December 18th, approximately.

If this is you or someone you know, read on!

In ancient times, astrologers would use fixed stars and certain celestial objects and signs as extra-indicators in readings.

Ophiuchus was one of the 48 Greek constellations listed by Ptolemy in the Almagest and was also written about by Marcus Manilius, a Roman poet and astrologer, in The Astronomica in 10 A.D.

This is NOT a newly discovered constellation!

Of course, having thirteen signs doesn’t balance the zodiac like twelve signs do.

Three air signs, three water signs, three earth signs and three fire signs. A thirteenth sign rocks the boat!

Some people like things nice and neat, but I digress.

Nonetheless, Ophiuchus is a legitimate constellation which the sun passes in front of in the zodiacal belt so there will still be an astrological influence from our Serpent Bearer.

Ophiuchus 1

Ophiuchus 5

Technically, the sun enters the zodiacal sign, Sagittarius on November 21st. However, in the sky, it will pass in front of Ophiuchus on November 30th and actually passes in front of Sagittarius on December 18th.

Sounds confusing and that’s okay.

You are still Sagittarius, as Ophiuchus is a constellation only so keep checking your horoscope for Sagittarius but read up on the traits of Ophiuchus!

If you were born during Ophiuchus, you actually share traits from BOTH Scorpio and Sagittarius!

Some Ophiuchus Traits

The Good…

  • They need to try new things, activities, ways to make money, etc. and despise routines.
  • They like to learn new things and extend their knowledge. They tend to be intellectual and smart.
  • They are lots of fun, have a great sense of humor and can even be a bit of a jokester.
  • They put their all into whatever they do.
  • They’re pretty blunt and straightforward. You know where you stand with them.
  • Being very creative, they use their imagination to constantly come up with new ideas and avenues to explore.
  • They fight for what’s right and are just people.
  • They love the arts and the flow of languages.
  • People are drawn to their charisma and they are unforgettable. Seriously.
  • They are free spirits and abhor feeling closed in. Their personal space can be sparse.
  • They are very passionate so they tend to act with their hearts rather than their heads.

The Not So Good…

  • Due to their impulsiveness, they can often make decisions that change their lives for the worse.
  • They’re very proud, to the point of arrogance at times..
  • They are very flirtatious and it’s hard for them to stay in a monogamous relationship.
  • Not just private people, they can be very secretive.
  • Trust issues are big with them because they can be highly jealous, which also causes problems in romantic relationships.
  • Their bluntness can sometimes hurt others because of their sharp tongue. When they hurt you, it hurts for a long time.
  • They can push people away with their sarcasm.
  • They might have a little procrastination going on.

Sound like anyone you know?

Myths and Star Lore Surrounding Ophiuchus

In Greek star lore, Ophiuchus represents Asclepius, considered to be the first recorded doctor. He is usually portrayed holding a snake in one hand. The venom of a snake can either heal you or kill you.

Today’s caduceus, a staff with two serpents winding around it is misused by the medical community. They’re really using the Staff of Hermes.

Rod of asclepius

The Rod of Asclepius is just one serpent.

Another myth has to do with Apollo and the Oracle at Delphi.

Click on the highlighted links to read more about these myths.

In the meantime, enjoy the best of both worlds, Ophiuchuns!

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