Books For Spiritual Growth/Self-Help

These are books I’ve read, put into practice and highly recommend. They will help you grow in good health, spiritually and financially if you put their teachings into practice. Just click on the title or image to learn more.

Spiritual Growth

Decoding Your Life by Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow.

I have learned more from this book than I can say and I use the techniques I’ve learned from Janet- daily! I had the great opportunity to meet Janet and her equally fascinating husband, Stewart A. Swerdlow, several years ago. They have beautiful energy and knowledge that transverses the Ages, time, space and alternate realities!

The Kindle edition is available here or you can purchase this book directly from Janet at A site membership is required and a member discount is available. I highly recommend it!

“Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow, globally recognized for her fascinating Oversoul research, has a unique way of guiding you step by step through the inner unraveling process of life’s complications. Thousands of people worldwide have effectively studied and utilized these methods to implement life changes with ease. Practical and simple, the tools that she shares bring immediate results, leading you into new avenues of self-reintegration in a world now designed for compartmentalization.

In this experiential course, you will easily learn to:

Find your own answers
Define who and what you are
Know by knowing
Become proactive
Create desirable pathways of learning and living
Recognize and build upon what you are already doing
Go vertical instead of horizontal
Effectively design and utilize your own affirmations
Release old habit responses
Install effective change
Understand the neutrality of all experience
Move through illusion
Appreciate both positive and negative as teaching tools
Recycle your energy
Grow more youthful
Understand the meaning of color
Use color and design to pull you up into your potential
Appreciate both the positive and negative aspects of emotions
Understand sub-personalities
Discover how your outer life reflects your inner life, and vice versa
Utilize your inner power to create in a positive way
Define your Oversoul and God-Mind
Develop your own definition of spirituality
Understand your connection to your Oversoul and God-Mind
Communicate with your Oversoul upon request in conscious awareness

You are the most fascinating person that you know!”

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