What The November New Moon In Sagittarius Means For You

Every 28 days, the moon completes it’s orbit around the Earth. While on it’s journey, it passes between the Earth and the Sun, causing it to blend in with the dark, night sky, hence the name “new moon.” Astrologically, it offers the collective (you, me and all of creation on this planet) a chance to reset and recharge. Going inward, it’s a time to reflect. We really need it this month after the shake-up of eclipse season. We can count our blessings because the new moon in Sagittarius, arriving on Nov. 23rd, will be bringing a major shift back to optimism and an overall positive outlook.

New moons usher in new beginnings…relationships, ideas, work, new perspectives, etc. and fiery Sagittarius is brave and honest, so this is the perfect time to be bold and truthful. Go for the things you want. Think bigger and aim higher. Sagittarius inspires us to take risks so remember to have all the facts and not make any rash choices before seeing all potential outcomes.

Inspiring us with positive energy, perfect for the holiday season, you may have the urge to travel or expand your knowledge, learn something new, perhaps a new trade or something to bring in more abundance to your life. It’s also a perfect time to re-examine old projects and bring fresh perspective and life to them. Sagittarius is about fun and socializing and enjoying life. Again, something much needed after murky and deep Scorpio!

Will all the energy and excitement of this time, it may seem like things aren’t happening fast enough or may be stuck. No worries. Just be patient and keep your eye on your goal. Hang on through the end of the year. You’ve got this!

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Now, read on to see how this new moon on the 23rd will affect each zodiac sign.


You may find yourself revved up to get up and go, adventuring outside your comfortable place. Don’t be surprised if changes in relationships happen. This could be someone from your past coming back, an ending or taking the next step forward to a deeper level of commitment. Change is happening, Aries.


You might experience some drastic shifts, Taurus. Go with them! You can’t change them so allow them, even welcome them. Your fiery energy will light you up again, so if you’ve been feeling some low energy, know that it’s coming back and you will once again be back on track…with gusto! Your confidence is up and it’s a good time to embrace this Sagittarius energy. Socialize. Have fun. Enjoy life. This will bring you the stability and balance you enjoy, Taurus.


Relationships/partnerships will light up with Sagittarius’ fiery energy, Gemini. This is a great time to speak your truth, reinforce boundaries and stand in your power. Shake off the dust and embrace Self. Others treat you as you allow them to. Be bold and allow yourself to feel and express your feelings. Journaling is a great way to get it all out. Cleanse so you can heal and get ready for the exciting new year!


The strong energy of this new moon offers you the perfect time to crawl back into your shell and take time for you, Cancer. It’s a great time to add new things to your daily ritual and spending time in your safe place is the perfect place to do it. You’re feeling the changes, all the undercurrents of a major transformation, Cancer and this is your prep time. Get it done. You want to be ready to embrace the major, new changes coming soon.


After some quiet introspection, the Sagittarius new moon will bring you new ideas and creativity, some extra confidence and a desire to socialize, Leo! Take the time to enjoy your accomplishments and spend some time out with friends or family. Embrace the carefree side of you!


You’ve been keeping to yourself lately, Virgo. This new moon will help you get back to where you came from- who you are deep down inside. Remember you don’t have to do anything alone. you have close friends and family, loved ones who are by your side ready to help. The new moon will help you see a new perspective on situations and life, in general. Step outside the box, Virgo and see things from a different perspective. This will guide to happier things in the coming new year.


Speak from your heart now, Libra. Be honest and frank but careful not to come off as rude. You may find yourself going deeper into mysteries you thought didn’t have answers. Hone your work skills and keep romance alive. Balance both, Libra and you’ll enjoy the holidays, kicking off the new year on a high.


The new moon energy will help you say “no” to things you don’t want to do and you’ll actually feel good about it. It’s okay to say “no” when you need to put yourself first. Putting boundaries in place is tantamount to feeling safe and comfortable, Scorpio. You don’t need to be around people who tell you how they think you are. You know the kind of person you are. Don’t let others’ opinions influence your self-esteem. Let this new moon energy infuse you with confidence!


You may be feeling extremely lucky during this lunation, Sagittarius and led to explore new and exciting things. Be daring on the new moon and take those risks. Seize whatever it is that’s been on your radar lately. Be adventurous and enjoy this time. It’s all about you right now, Sag!


Ever deep, Cappy, this moon is a great time for introspection. Many revelations often come to light in hindsight and this time is no different. Now is the time to look at all you’ve accomplished this past year and set your sights on loftier goals next year. The sky’s the limit, Cappy!


You’ve kept yourself so busy, Aquarius, between work, family, friends and other commitments this is the best time to pause and seriously go off the radar for a bit. Take some “you” time, as much as your schedule will allow…which is basically up to you. Remember, you allow what comes in and when so allow time just for you. There’s an old saying by submariners during the last world war, “Run silent. Run deep.”


This is a great time to focus on your strengths, Pisces. What qualities make you stand out? Remember you value and self worth. We all feel a little vulnerable sometimes. That’s human nature. Keep your strengths in the forefront and know you’re a star, Pisces! You have so much to look forward to!

See you for the next full moon!

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