Why You Need To Release Negativity More Than Once

Why You Need To Release Negativity More Than Once

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Many of you know my mother transitioned in January.

It’s been a rough few months.

After the funeral, January was spent packing her belongings, moving them to storage and deciding what would go to Goodwill and what would be thrown away. I had tendonitis in my right foot, which began just before she went to the hospital, so going up and down her second-story stairs and being on my feet all day was painful and made for very slow-moving. Thank goodness my friend, John, of many years performed the bulk of it.

It was heart-breaking.

So was parting with her four cats. They are with a wonderful foster until I can move to a place I can have them.

It was all so terribly traumatic.

I won’t go into details here.

I’ve spent a great part of this past week releasing sadness, grief, pain, all kinds of things….good things and memories, too.

I’m not letting them go. I’m simply releasing them from my physical and energetic bodies and sending them up to Over Soul. We can say Heaven for our purposes here.

I actually feel lighter now though I still have my bouts of tears. It’s only been a few months. I don’t expect to be a smiling ray of sunshine just yet but I’m on my way.

Many of you might remember my awesome dog, Scully. He passed in July of 2013.

Scully 1 

If you’d like to read more about Scully Boy and his wisdom, click here.

I’ve done so much releasing over the years, I thought I was doing a great job.

Scully’s transitioning was particularly painful.

I’ve been thinking about him since last night, when I shared an experience I had with Scully in response to my friend, Stewart’s blog post Stewart is still traumatized after his two pups took off last weekend and were out overnight. Thankfully, they showed up the next morning.

But I digress.

While preparing my lemon smoothie earlier today, I reached for something on the door of the fridge. A bottle with an eye dropper tipped over. It was a bottle of an herbal tincture I ordered for Scully’s cancer SIX YEARS AGO!

That bottle has been on the door of my fridge since early 2013!

It was only today I realized how long it had been there and how much I was unconsciously still holding on to his physical presence even though he occasionally still comes to me in spirit.

I did my emotional and energetic release work but, apparently didn’t quite finish the physical work. That bottle has been holding space in my fridge for six years.

How many times have I moved it in six years, day after day, week after week?

How many times have I actually seen it consciously and did nothing about it, not to mention the countless times I’ve seen it subconsciously while looking for olives or the mustard?

How has that bottle held unconscious sadness inside me all these years?

And then I ended up with breast cancer.

Our minds…

YOUR mind is powerful.

Day to day life keeps us from really digging deep inside and releasing what no longer serves us.

That bottle never served me ever and Scully hasn’t needed it in six years!




I took a photo for you.


I thought I was doing a great job releasing and healing, by the way.

Your mind creates your reality.

You may not consciously think about things, but consciously there is something inside you that has created your world that you live in right now.

Whether it’s a happy world or a sad world, there is something you need to learn, let go of or acknowledge before you move on to the next.

So, do your releasing weekly….daily…..as often as you remember.

If you need a refresher course, there is one technique I share in a video.

It works.

Learn how to release emotional or mental blocks and do it now.


You’re carrying around more than six years worth of junk that no longer serves you.

Time to let it go and make room for more love.

Better health.

More happiness.

More money.

More time to spend with your loved ones…


…more room in the fridge.


P.S. Janet, Stewart’s wife, teaches an awesome way to do daily releasing, too, in her book, Decoding Your Life: an Experiential Course In Self Re-Integration. By Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow.

Decoding your Life cover

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