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Important Notice: You must 18 years or older for a reading. Phone readings currently available for United States, UK and Canada. Payment must be completed prior to reading. * No refunds.
Please Note: If you wish communication with a deceased loved one, click here. This page is for tarot readings only. Thank you.

Tarot & Power Animal Card Readings

As an intuitive, I only use the cards as a tool. The visions I receive are for you to use as guidance on your Life’s Journey.

Phone or Skype Readings
30 mins- $85 45 mins- $115 60 mins- $140
A card reading provides information regarding past, present, and future of several topics or questions you may have. If a deceased Loved One (including pets) wishes to come through, I will let you know. Remember that this is NOT a mediumship session so please don’t ask to specifically speak with someone. Before our call, I prepare by meditating on you, setting up sacred space and cleansing the room with white sage. In my meditation, I focus that the messages I receive will be for your greatest and highest good. Information may come up regarding past events and emotions that affect your life now and circumstances that may occur in the future. I may receive suggestions for you so you can navigate though those times for the best. After completing payment, please follow-up by sending an email to me at Thanks!
I will contact you within 72 hours to schedule your appointment.

30 minutes $85 USD Add to cart

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45 minutes $115 USD

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60 minutes $140 USD

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*Disclaimer: Services are informational and for personal/spiritual growth. Under no circumstances are they a substitute for medical/psychiatric care. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or contact your local Mental Health Crisis line immediately.
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