A few words from some happy clients:

“Jenny is the BEST! And The experiences I’ve had with her is the beyond the best! I’m literally so happy and blessed that I got pointed in the direction to get guidance from her! After getting a reading and Jenny being so accurate I knew Going forward, I definitely wanted/needed a distance reiki healing from her! (As soon as possible) LOL! During my reiki session I seen the negative energy leaving my body! At first I didn’t know how to describe it, I thought I was little crazy or was just seeing things, but it kept happening during my session and I know it wasn’t something I seen before! but it really was just her work, WORKING ! So unbelievably and indescribable And I’m soooo thankful I got to see that, it made me feel even better. She is very understandable soft spoken and answers any question you had in your mind before you can ask, because she that good! most importantly she makes you feel very comfortable that you feel that instant connection with her where you would want to just run and give her the biggest tightest hug!
Thank you for helping me Jenny!”

(Providence RI)

“Jenny you are such a amazing women!! You honestly helped me so much and everything you said was so true.
I live in Scotland and jenny guided me so much in the correct direct to help to catch a beloved dog jenny’s advices totally worked and I would totally recommend her.
I have never ever used any communicator in my life, however I would certainly use jenny again 100% accurate.
Thanks Jenny . Xxx

– Catherine, Scotland

Dear Jenny
There are simply not enough words to express my gratitude for your generosity
in helping me find my beautiful dog, Anya.
Without your phone call, I don’t believe I would have found Anya in time as she
had been out in the cold and wet for 6 nights when I received your wonderful
message from across the miles. As soon as I heard the words “hill with rocks”, I
knew where to look. Even though I had looked in this area many times and
shouted and whistled on her, I had had no success, but your words made me dig
deeper and when I actually climbed down into the quarry and shouted on Anya, I
could hear her whimpering. It was impossible to see her as she was buried in
rubbish covered by a black drum and trapped by thick branches. I have never
felt so relieved and happy. It was the end of a harrowing week. She was so
weak, unable to walk or stand and had a badly infected leg. After spending a
night in the vets being rehydrated, she is recovering well and eating like a horse.
I attach a verse which I feel expresses my thanks for your kindness. What a truly
wonderful gift you have and are so generous to share it with those in need.

Let me say thank you for the gift
And more thanks for the thought
The greatest thing I can thank you for
is all the joy you’ve brought.

With kindest regards
– Shona Stewart, Scotland


First off Jenny is one of the kindest most understanding people I have ever met! She never judges and she’s not afraid to tell the truth! Which I realized whether I liked it or not makes the best reading ! I started doing readings with Jenny a couple years ago. To be honest at first I wouldn’t like her readings not because of Jenny but because in all actuality I wasn’t being told what I “wanted” to hear at the time. Shortly after I would realize how everything she said would COME TRUE. It was astonishing every time ! I couldn’t help to go back to her for another reading time after time! She has helped guide me through this crazy thing we call LIFE!
This last reading I had with Jenny I have never been so amazed and grateful it was everything I could of asked for!
It was like the cards spoke for themselves and Jenny is such a great translator through out the reading explaining every card and their meaning so that I could fully understand !
She is such a spiritual human and I love that she tells the TRUTH even when it’s a hard reality! She even with her own senses and ability with visions picked up on my “relationship status” ! She is just unreal and I highly recommend her !  If anyone is questioning the direction of their life they can 100% TRUST Jenny. Even when it was a hard reading I just couldn’t give up on them I knew when MY TIME would come every reading I have ever got from her would make complete sense and today completely VERIFIED that !”
– Dana B., Rhode island

“I am blessed and extremely thankful for the guidance and clarity that Jenny has given me🙏🏻♥️
I would never have been able to understand and process much of what has deeply affected me for most of my life without her insight and many spiritual gifts 🙏🏻♥️
Thank you so much for everything you do, I am forever thankful and am looking forward to learning so much more on this journey!
Love you so much my sweet friend ♥️♥️”

– Kim A, Rhode Island

“I just listened to the Taurus reading. Thank you! So on point it’s scary. [] You are amazing!”

– Melissa K, Rhode Island

“We had a wee dog who was lost for 18 days will always be so grateful to Jenny for all her help and yes we found Dana x”

– Ena Conyon, Second Chance Kennels, Fife, Scotland

” I met Jenny at a friends party last May. I had never had a psychic reading before and was a little hesitant since I didn’t know what to expect. She has a very warming personality and makes you feel extremely comfortable right off the bat. She was very good at explaining everything that she was doing and even would give you the science behind it all. Everything that Jenny said to me came to be true. I’ve had multiple readings from her and she is the only psychic that I fully trust. She is very clear and doesn’t leave you with any questions. Not only is she incredible at what she does, she’s an even better person. I have left every reading with her with a sense of clarity and freedom. She has shown me ways to overcome past issues and to move on and grow. If her intelligence and beauty aren’t enough to convince you. Her heart, laughter and personality sure will. She is truly the best there is!”

– Amanda, Rhode Island

“Best Reading Ever!   “When scheduled my reading with Jenny, I truthfully didn’t know what to expect. I’ve had readings before, but I also know every medium is different. By far Jenny is the best one for the job. From the get go my take charge grandmother did just that, and I’m not so sure either Jenny or I were ready for that! LOL. But truthfully, no medium or reading had ever left me in goosebumps or so close to tears before. Jenny touched on things that no one else but my grandmother would have known because it was if I was carrying on a conversation with my grandmother but I could finally hear what she needed and wanted to tell me, and boy did my grandmother touch on a lot, because believe me I talk my grandmother’s ear off in the afterlife, always asking her advice and what should I do and can you please help me with this situation? Including learning how to read a regular deck of cards from her, which Jenny never would have ever known. If you need a solid reading, Jenny is the go to person! She is amazing and extremely connected! I look forward to our next reading someday!”

~Jean B., Massachusetts

“Jenny provided a wonderful distance Reiki session for me in the fall. I was feeling very overwhelmed with many things and her session helped open up several channels and release a lot of negative energy. After the session, Jenny and I spoke and she told me she was concerned that my throat chakra was blocked. I kept thinking about our conversation over the next few days, and when I found myself in frustrating situations, I worked hard to voice my opinion instead of bottling it up. While sharing my feelings created short-term conflict, it really helped resolve some longer term issues and I feel like I am on a much better path.”

~Lisa S., Rhode Island

“I had the honor and privilege of meeting Jenny Weeks – International Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator in late June 2016. Jenny is genuine. She quickly sets you at ease with her relaxed open approach that immediately creates a feeling of trust. Jenny does a ‘blended session’ of Tarot and Spirit readings. What I discovered during this communication was nothing short of astounding! The details she provides are phenominal. She is accurate and validates so much from her very first words. Her validations are uncanny and unmistakable. I have recommended Jenny to many people. I would recommend anyone with an open mind and heart to contact Jenny Weeks.”
~Gina M., Rhode Island

“Jenny, I just had to get in touch of you to let you know how wonderful my Reiki session went. I was in the middle of a lot of chills & sweats along with headache and a rash on my body because of a medication reaction. For two days prior to my Reiki appointment, I was going through all the reactions above. When I had my appointment I was hoping to feel a little better. What a wonderful feeling I had after the Reiki. My rash had subsided a little and the chills/sweats went away. About 1/2 hour later I was feeling back to my old self. The rash has gone away and my headache was gone also. Thank you so much for your special touch and for seeing me so quickly. Thank you so much for everything.”

~ John A. Cioe, Rhode Island

“Hi Jenny! Just wanted to update u, u had said I would have a dancing baby girl in my future. Well I’m expecting my 1st and it’s a girl! My mom is so thrilled and so is myself and my husband but I just had to tell you 🙂 hope all is well with you!!”

~Kristen, New Jersey

“I had an unresolved personal issue that was really bothering me and needed closure. Jenny did a fantastic reading for me, which provided information and insight about this specific issue. She also offered me very helpful suggestions on how to best deal with the situation. To me it was much more than a simple card reading and it left me with a sense of peace. If you meet Jenny, you will see that she is on a higher spiritual level than most people and she has an amazing gift which she uses for the best interests of her clients.” 

~Charlie, Rhode Island

“Trust in Jenny to give you an accurate and thorough reading. It’s worth every dollar. She gave me a Power Animal Guide reading and it was right on point. Everything was relevant to me. She also was able to communicate with my beloved deceased pet which gave me the reassurance I needed. I won’t hesitate to have her read me again.”

~Christine, Rhode Island

“I had a reading from Jenny that was Wonderful everything she said was true…. I am so Thankful that I have the Pleasure of meeting such a Special Person … Thank You Jenny… God Bless You”

– Susan, Rhode Island

“I have many readings throughout my life time, and none have been as great as Jenny. She has hit the nail on the head more times than I can count. I will never go to any other reader again. Some day I hope to meet her. Thank you, Jenny”

~Jeanne, Liverpool

“Thank you Jenny for your insight and love. You are such a comfort to me. You are truly blessed by God. It is a blessing to know you are only a phone call away!”

– Maureen, Vero Beach, Florida

“I had a great reading. Everything has been unfolding just how Jenny predicted. Jenny has helped me through some very rough times. Also one-day I was experiencing pain throughout my body as well as a headache, and I received reiki from Jenny and within an hour I felt great. I also had restored energy. I am very pleased with her work.”

~Kori, Rhode Island

“Jenny is a true healer. She has touched me on every level. Not only does her reiki session provide a therapeutic, healing and energy building experience, but she creates a session in which you feel completely at peace and in ease free of pain, anxiety, stress and tension. It’s amazing the level of relaxation she promotes within me. Even further, Jenny offers wisdom and suggestions based on her rich life experience. She is able to offer insightful messages from spirit and her own intuitive conduits. Jenny is knowledgable in multiple arenas and will provide you with a full mental, physical and spiritual experience! She is a comprehensive healer who exceeded all of my expectations!!!!”

 ~Heather, Massachusetts

“oh it was lovely. She confirmed many many things for me and was also able to give me some suggestions for moving forward. She did a really fabulous job. Thank you again. So grateful.

she was right on target with everything I was feeling and was just able to confirm it all for me”


“Last nite on my way home from a sales meeting I scheduled phone time with a psychic. Jean had set up an event and I thought what the heck I was curious. Jenny was wonderful. She told me some things only a few people know but what got me was she mentioned a health issue that only John and I would know. She assures me everything will work out and be ok then she gave me a message from my grandmother. In that message was something I have never shared with anyone. On my drive home I thought about this 20 min conversation, trying not to cry, but awed at what she saw and shared. If Jean does this again I would recommend Jenny.”
“Thank you so much, Jenny!!!!! You have helped me so much with my cats Your advice totally worked about the harness for going outside and just talking to them about it. I followed exactly what you said and instead of them jumping and wiggling around, they sit like good babies while I put the harness on them, and they look forward to going outside with it on. No more squirmy kitties, just happy babies And thank you again for the reading. You really helped me let go of that emotional guilt/blame that I didn’t even know I was carrying with me. I feel so much better now! You honestly have helped me so much. I feel like I am better connected with myself and with my cats Moose is staring at me right now as I type this and is giving me the lovey eyes..even he can sense how amazing you are, even if it is through a computer screen!!”
 -Alyssa H., Rhode Island

“Jenny I can’t thank you enough for the incredible Reiki session! Not only was it relaxing and healing, but the messages you gave me were amazing. You were completely on point about everything! I will be back”

-Karen, Rhode Island