Weekly Power Animal Message September 10-16, 2018 Horse

Weekly Power Animal Message September 10-16, 2018 Horse

Since the earliest civilizations, Mankind has revered Horse because of the freedom it offers.

Horse allowed people to travel more quickly, moving entire villages over great distances.

It has allowed escape from enemies and advantage over foot soldiers. An army mounted on horses instilled fear in the hearts of soldiers on foot, as the thundering of their hooves reached their ears before coming into sight.

Riding a horse was the closest way Mankind could fly before the invention of hot air balloons and the airplane.

Indeed, in Greek mythology,  it was Pegasus, the most famous winged horse, that carried Bellerophon to defeat the dreaded Chimera. Their heroic feats were a favorite reading of mine as a little girl.

Pegasus and Bellerophon 1918

This week, Horse comes to us to remind us we DO have choices and the freedom to change what we can.

We can change inside ourselves…how we react, how we answer or respond to others…our tone of voice.

We alone have the choice to stay in a bad situation or leave it. Granted, sometimes leaving what we know can be terrifying sometimes, but if we are in an abusive situation, there really isn’t any other healthy way but to leave it. How we do it is also our choice.


The point is, don’t feel blocked in if your situation seems hopeless.

You have the freedom to go out, take a walk, clear your mind and see things from a fresh perspective.

If you are bed-ridden or homebound, you have your mind to venture to new places.

It’s how Anne Frank and her family survived hiding from the Nazis for two years. During the day, no one could make a sound, not even cough or sneeze. They couldn’t go to the bathroom in case the floor creaked. What could they do to pass the time away?

They imagined far away places and adventures.

The point is, like Horse, you are powerful!

You are FREE, even if it’s only in your mind- wherever you are in the world.

You may find yourself on a new journey this week, a new opportunity, a different path than what you expected.

Going in new directions may help you discover greater talents and insights about yourself you never knew you had in you!

Though Horse doesn’t really fly, it swims! If it needs to cross a river, it swims!

It doesn’t see a limit! (Though it’s smart enough NOT to jump off a cliff!)

Horses swimming

Perhaps this is the week to find a new herd!

Find a new meet-up group or take a new evening class.

Open your world to more freedom and live your life as a wild horse on an open range this week!

Horses 1

No fear of criticism or what others might think

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