February’s New Moon In Pisces- Manifest Now!

Spring fever is making us crazy in the Northern Hemisphere and even the daffodils and hyacinths are coming up early. Harvest will begin soon in the Southern Hemisphere. and the whole world and all of Nature are preparing for change. Change negates stagnation and brings growth and new ways of doing and seeing things. Clearing away old habits and dust (closets, drawers, relationships) attracts NEW energy so, wherever you are right now, this new moon in Pisces is the perfect time to manifest.

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This new moon will take place in compassionate and spiritual Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, you can throw rational thought out the window and allow empathy to flow through you. It’s a magical time, romantic and ethereal so again, focus and let go to manifest what your heart desires.

Perfect time for new beginnings

Because this is such a highly spiritual time, this is the time for the unconscious and dreams to come forward, allowing physical and emotional healing. Bask in it. Make the most of it and most importantly, BELIEVE in your Self! Let go of limiting behavior and self talk. Write your affirmations and releasing…

“I AM capable of this…,” “I AM a good speaker…listener, artist, mother, daughter, son….” Whatever you need to reinforce because limiting beliefs will stop you dead in your tracks!

You CAN manifest your dreams and NOW is the most auspicious time to do it!

The new moon takes place on Sunday, February 19th at 11:09pm PT and Monday February 20th at 2:09 am ET

As you create your coming year with this lunation in Pisces, consider a firm and solid foundation, make a plan as best you can and follow through, trusting the plan throughout the year. Be sure to refer to it once a week to keep it fresh in your mind and your enthusiasm up!

The sky is the limit so plan BIG!

How this new moon will affect your sign


The new moon in watery Pisces will be in your twelfth house, Aries. Your subconscious Self is encouraging you to own your power and let go of ALL self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from realizing your dreams. As you let go of your old mind-patterns, you’ll experience a huge shift in your perspective of things and how your process your emotions. Be more gentle with your Self and stop all criticism of Self! Write down and repeat those positive affirmations that begin with “I am” that I mentioned above, tailoring them to what you want to change in your life, how you wish you could be and what you want to manifest. Remember those foundations you’re laying down for your future Self.


This new moon, Taurus, will be sitting in your eleventh house the house of hopes and dreams This is the perfect time for you to create your future NOW. Daydream, envision and really imagine and feel where you want to be and how you want your life to be. Any limiting beliefs you may have from your youth or past relationships are the only things keeping you from having it all. You ARE worthy and deserve happiness, my beautiful Taureans. If you see others where you want to be, know that if they did it, so can you! Remember, if you see it in your mind, it already exists. You have to match your frequency (daily life, attitude and thought) to that one. It, you, in that future already exist! Take on a mindset of “abundance and prosperity” and let go of all thoughts of lack- in all ways. Believe in your Self. The Universe has your back! Know it and believe, Taurus!


Gemini, you may feel a nagging urge to find your life calling if you haven’t already. If you’re considering changing jobs, this is the time. This is a time to make sure the public sees you the way you want to be seen! Examine if your current employment is really the best for you. You may be excellent at it but is it going to help further you along and help you achieve your dreams or help you fulfill that calling? Don’t let any doubts or limiting beliefs. You ARE capable of doing whatever you desire. You’ve got this! Don’t hold yourself back from following your dreams. NOW is the time, Gemini!


It’s time to bust out of your salty shell, Cancer, which is quite the endeavor for your homebody nature, however, this new moon in Pisces sits in your ninth house. Adventure is calling you like a siren. “Come out and live life with zest, my beautiful Moon child!” Now is the time to expand your horizons and break out of your mundane routine. Do something different like starting a youtube channel (click here for mine), perhaps learn something new that you actually are interested like Ancient History, bee-keeping…exploring….the sky is the limit, Cancer., start a podcast, explore new places, or cross items off your life’s bucket list – there is no time like this present moment. Remember Lao Tzu said,”The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” You’ll be glad you did.


This is an optimal time for healing Self and all kinds of healing work, Leo. First, you must dive deep into what’s really hurting. This new moon falls in your eighth house- Secrets and Intimacy. Take your mask off, Leo. This is the time to show your feelings instead of smiling bravely through the hurt or avoiding the cause of pain completely. Your heart is what makes you strong, Leo and sharing it means allowing yourself to be vulnerable but it’s the way to truly connect and heal the loneliness you’ve carried with you. There is a reason why the Strength tarot card has a lion on it, Leo. Be courageous. You ARE King of the jungle!


This new moon brings magic and mysticism, Virgo and it’s squarely in your seventh house- Intimate Partners. A huge change in how you see you deserve to be loved and what you will and will not accept is on its way, Virgo! You may realize being wooed is something you might enjoy or whatever realization have may be quite different than what you think you want. The magical energy of this new moon allows you to see clearly what you need in love and it may something entirely different than what you’ve had or accepted in the past. True, unconditional, romantic and healthy love IS possible, wonderful and something you totally deserve, Virgo!

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You’re embarking on a new segment of your Life journey, Libra. Are you ready to let go of old attachments and doing things the way you always have or keeping things the way they’ve always been? That’s the question this new moon brings to your table. Your sixth house is of routine. Being kind or easygoing is sometimes misconstrued as weakness and people may have crossed boundaries that need to be re-visited and fortified. Being respected and perceived as one who doesn’t take malarkey will change the dynamics of all your relationships, Libra and that’s exactly what you need as you go through this next phase of your journey. Re-establishing those boundaries will help you advocate for your needs and see clearly what YOUR responsibilities are and what exactly belong to others in your life. When you clearly define what your responsibilities are you will see what you can and can’t control. You can’t lose sleep over what you can’t control but you can change your life by what you CAN. Freedom calls, Libra. 


A myriad of exciting, new ideas is flooding into your mind and fun is in the air, Scorpio! Creativity, new things and experiences are in the forefront of your thoughts and that’s great! Remember you must keep yourself anchored in the NOW- the present moment to actually receive these new frequencies! This means quieting any self-criticism and letting go of any limiting beliefs, as these are creative blocks! Make a list of your gifts and talents and things you like about yourself. Are you a good cook, baker, gardener? Are you a good listener, good with pets and children? Remember how talented and awesome you are, Scorpio. Let your imagination run wild and daydream about things you can do that you’ve never tried before, keeping in mind F-U-N. Take time to do the things you love. What you’ve been waiting for is about to happen.


The new moon may be pulling you deep into the private parts of Self, Sagittarius and there may be things you don’t want to remember or recognize. Know that whatever memories may surface, you did your best with what you had or knew or were capable at the the time. Hindsight can be a teacher or a hanging judge. Remember how much you’ve grown and how different you are now. We are the sum of how we handle our experiences and what we learn from them.. Your past Self did a great job for what you knew at the time. Forgive yourself for what you think you should have done or how you should have responded and know your instincts helped you through. Trust your instincts now, Sag. Trust your gut and know you will do the correct thing when you need to. You are your best guide.


New ways of thinking are turning the page of a new chapter for you, Cappy and communication is key. These new ideas and thoughts are leading you into uncharted territory and you may not know the answers straightaway. Flying by the seat of your pants will be more effective and efficient than any sort of overthinking. Let yourself off the hook for not always having the answers. How could you have ALL the answers? You’re not in control. The Universe is so let any pressures others put on you roll off your back. Think “duck.” Seriously. Ducks enjoy the rain. They enjoy the sun. They enjoy it all and go with it. They go with “the flow,” so let them be an example to you, Cap. They enjoy every moment, rain or shine so enjoy the ride of learning and growing, peaks and valleys and light and dark. It all comes from one Source. Make the most of it.


Saving money is on your radar this full moon, Aquarius and, as important as it is, investing your time, energy and all your efforts into your Self and worthwhile endeavors is worth more in the long run. The social media influencers- today’s equivalent of yesterday’s commercials, would have you believe you need every new app and gadget that comes out….the latest, fastest and prettiest. YOU are what will solve your problems, Aquarius. Invest in your Self. Invest in your future. Learning a new trade or skill. Getting the new hairstyle to project the way others perceive you. Repairing your home, car….YOU are the key. Believe in your Self, Aquarius. You’ve got this!


The winds of Change are blowing in for the better, Pisces. Not the superficial change but the deep, foundational change….the one that morphs who you are and how other people see you. Once you’ve gone through it, you’ll never look back, just like when the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it sheds its skin and flies, never looking back to what it left behind. Now is the time to manifest the changes you want and get rid of what you don’t. All things are possible and there is no failure, only redirection.

And there you have it. See you next month.

~ Jenny

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