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<Petmasters ApprovedImportant Notice:  You must be the owner of the missing pet and 18 years or older. Phone readings are currently available for United States, UK and Canada. Please check with your cell phone carrier to assure you will not incur any additional charges as I will call YOU from the States. I have not had any issues with landlines (home phones). Thank you.

I understand the heartache and anguish of having a lost or stolen pet and will do my best to communicate with your missing pet and pass the information to you.

Please remember, as with any psychic reading or mediumship session, there are no guarantees or refunds.

What you do with the information and your diligence in acting quickly is tantamount to your success in bringing your beloved pet home!

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Please understand that it isn’t a simple matter of me “plugging in” to Fido and Fluffy and receiving a street address or exact location.

Do not expect an exact location!

I rest for one hour then connect with my Higher Power and meditate for 30 minutes before attempting to communicate with any animal.

If the animal wishes to communicate with me, it will come to me.

If it appears solid, then it has passed. I don’t know why it’s like that for me but that’s the way it happens. Each psychic receives their “incoming” information differently.

I’ve helped many animals communicate with their human families before crossing over so I know the difference.

If the animal appears to be transparent or fades in and out, then I know it’s alive.

Many times, I see what they are seeing or feel what they are feeling…even to the point of being thirsty or smelling dirt.

Sadly, seeing trees doesn’t tell you where your pet is, only that it’s still alive.

I ask them to show me where they came from, what happened to them and how they arrived where they are now.

The saddest times are when I know the animal is alive but all I’m seeing is dark of night or I’m huddled up in leaves trying to keep warm or I’m under a shed, hiding from humans.

There aren’t many clues in that to help find the animal…so I keep trying.

As there is so much more involved than a regular animal communication, my fee is $90 USD prepaid, which includes the following:

– Initial phone consultation, no time limit. 

– May include up to two additional phone calls at no additional charge.

– If your pet should contact me by chance, I will let you know via the means of communication we have already established- phone or e-mail.

Lost Pet Reading – $90 USD 

Note: As you can imagine, there are many requests to find lost pets. I only have so much time in a day and it may be a few days before I respond after you have purchased your consultation. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible. I know time is of the essence.

How to proceed: 

IMPORTANT: After completing your payment below, please e-mail me: peacefulsoul.blog@gmail.com with your PayPal receipt number. Please include your phone number, two photos of your pet and its name. 

I will reply within 48 hours to schedule your reading TO THE EMAIL YOU WROTE ME WITH, NOT THE E-MAIL IN YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS SO IT’S IMPORTANT TO EMAIL ME. Thank you.

I look forward to helping you communicate with your beloved pets.

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**Please see Tips on Finding Your Lost Pet right beneath the Testimonials and News Articles below!


From Shona Stewart, Scotland:

Dear Jenny

There are simply not enough words to express my gratitude for your generosity in helping me find my beautiful dog, Anya.

Without your phone call, I don’t believe I would have found Anya in time as she had been out in the cold and wet for 6 nights when I received your wonderful message across the miles. As soon as I heard the words “hill with rocks,” I knew immediately where to look. Even though I looked in this area many times and shouted and whistled on her, I had had no success but your words made me dig deeper and when I actually climbed down into the quarry and shouted on Anya, I could hear her whimpering. It was impossible to see her as she was buried in rubbish covered by a black drum and trapped by thick branches. I have never felt so relieved and happy. It was the end of a harrowing week. She was so weak, unable to stand or walk and had a badly infected leg. After spending a night in the vet’s being rehydrated, she is recovering well and eating like a horse.

I attach a verse which I feel expresses my thanks for your kindness. What a truly wonderful gift you have and are so generous to share it with those in need.

Let me say thank you for the gift
And more thanks for the thought
The greatest thing I can thank you for
is all the joy you’ve brought

With kindest regards,

– Shona Stewart, Scotland

News of Anya’s amazing story was highlighted in The Sun! 

From Mischell Jessup, Kentucky:

On Nov.10th around 7:00 am, my female, 4 pound Apple head chihuahua went missing from my back yard in Covington, Kentucky.  She was with my other three dogs. Me and my room mate rescued her from a dog rescue who was visiting a near by pet store two weeks prior. Under weight, scared and previously neglected, panic set in. I have shady neighbors and this neighborhood is not the best. I contacted Jenny Weeks in desperation. It was now around 1:00 pm. I was at work and my room mate searched all morning with no luck. Jenny said Mia, our chihuahua, was near aluminum garbage cans and chain link fencing… as easy as a guess that would seem, it wasn’t….it was everything. Where I live, most of us have plastic rumpke garbage cans and wooden or short metal design fences.  

This narrowed the search down greatly.

Sun was setting and it was getting cold. We were about to give up. I had my pit bull on a lead helping us.

Suddenly, he led me through a front yard- metal aluminum garbage cans in the side/ back of the house and a chain link fence.

My room mate knocked on the door and there stood a utility worker- a man at the door, holding Mia, she was safe. He found her earlier that morning and picked her up a few houses down from ours. He without question, returned her seeing as she had a Denver Broncos collar on and my room mate had a Denver Broncos hat on. This is Cincinnati Bengals territory and not many people fan the Broncos here. Without Jenny Weeks, we would have never knocked on the door or narrowed down the places she could have been. Jenny stayed in contact off and on for at least 6 hours until we found her. She was truly concerned and we are truly grateful.

Thank you and God bless you, Jenny for your compassion, devotion and gifts you use to help others.


From Catherine Findlay, Scotland:

Hi, Jenny you are such an amazing women!! You honestly helped me so much and everything you said was so true.

I live in Scotland and Jenny guided me so much in the correct direct to help to catch a beloved dog. Jenny’s advices totally worked and I would totally recommend her.

I have never ever used any communicator in my life, however I would certainly use Jenny again 100% accurate. Thanks Jenny . Xxx 


Enjoy this article in The Sunday Post about a wee dog named Dana

The next day, Dana’s story was picked up in The Courier, in Fife                                                       

My interview on cable tv with Paranormal Investigator, Psychic and Energy Healer

Tips to find your lost pet:

1. If it’s a dog, please DO NOT chase it down. After a long away from home, Fido will not even recognize his owner because he is in survival mode.

2. Don’t just drive around town or in neighborhoods. Put up flyers…knock on every door and ask people to keep a lookout and call you immediately. If your dog has been spotted, go to the area at night, put food out and sit in your car quietly. It may take minutes or hours for your pet to feel safe enough to come and get food.

3. Remember just because your dog or cat has been missing for weeks or months DOES NOT MEAN it’s dead or someone has it!  


It requires work and coordinated effort to find your pet- even with messages I receive. 




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