New Moon December 2022 In Capricorn: What You Need To Know

Just a couple of days after the winter solstice (summer solstice if you’re south of the equator) and a few days before the holidays get underway, the new moon in Capricorn on December 23rd will make its presence known. Practical Capricorn will have us look at the new year, plan accordingly and get our action steps ready.

Preparation is key and time is, of course, at a premium at this busy time of year but it is indeed prudent to carve some time out of your busy schedule and make those plans. Write down your intentions and speak them to the Universe. This is the time to clear out the old and certainly make way for the new.

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The lack of clarity or the brain fog you may experienced is clearing, thanks to this new moon in Capricorn.

“Get it done now,” is the energy that will take you into the new year so dust off the cobwebs, clear your mind and set those actionable intentions for this next phase of your life!

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How The New Moon Will Affect Each Sign


Though your fiery nature keeps you in the moment, Aries, now is the time to make long-term plans and make easy, attainable steps to attain them. The time is NOW to think about your future and what you want.


The new moon in Capricorn is the perfect time to set your intentions, Taurus, as Capricorn is about planning for the future and life paths. What do you want to see happen in your life? How do you want your future to unfold? You control it, Taurus. Start off small…a month, six months at a time. For greater guidance, check out your December tarot reading here.


You may be chomping at the bit to move forward, Gemini but patience will serve you well during this new moon. Sit back and allow. Enjoy watching the process. Your time to jump out of the gate is fast approaching. Make the most of this peaceful time now.


Live it up, Cancer. The new moon is a great time to release and let go of stale energy and anything that doesn’t serve you. Physically, emotionally and spiritually you need to get out and enjoy life. Take advantage of this festive season as best you can given your circumstances. You are here for a reason!


Time to express yourself through creativity, Leo. Writing, drawing, painting, music…whatever calls to you is meant for your growth and pleasure at this time. You’ll be surprised at new ways of doing things that give new life to old projects.


Make wise decisions with your money through careful planning, Virgo and you will find the results multiplied! Set yourself up now and don’t be afraid to invest wisely.


Whatever you do during this time, Libra, do it wholeheartedly and have a little style while you’re at it. In your work and personal life, don’t do it half-heartedly. If you’re going to do something, do it right! Nothing halfway, Libra! you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!


It’s been a pretty tough few months, Scorpio and your attention is being pulled in a bazillion directions. Step back, take a deep breath and see what brings you happiness and focus on doing that. Keep focused on your desires and dreams. The distractions will never stop so you have to take control of your mind and keep steady your course!


This new moon will help you clear your head, Sagittarius. You’ll be able to take a deep breath and watche all the pieces fall into place. As the moon is dark and then begins to light up from the sun, so too will your mind clear of all you’ve had in your thoughts.


This new moon is the time when you’ll get the illuminations your December tarot speaks of (see the video reading here), Cappy! Your intuition is on target so trust your gut, Capricorn. As we near the new moon, you’ll begin to feel more and more like yourself. You’re back and on track for 2023!


The Fool card in Tarot is a young person embarking on a new beginning…a journey. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, Aquarius. You do best when you’re out of your familiar place. The comfort zone isn’t where you thrive so take that leap of faith, Aquarius and leap right into the future.

“There is no failure, only redirection.” -Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow


The new moon will bring you greater strength than you can imagine in all areas of your life, Pisces. You have always known you’re strong but this will show you strength from within you’ve never known and you will wonder where it’s been all these years. You’ve always had it, Pisces. The time had to be right to bring it out. That time is now.

See you all next year!

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