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I’m so happy to share my journey with you all.
These are but a few of my many experiences. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed living them.   Much love, Jenny xx

Anya Headline Mystic Mutt

The Sun UK – Finding Anya, the Mystic Mutt in Scotland

Dana Fife Headline

The Sunday Post- Finding – Wee Dana in Scotland

Dana Fife Courier Headline

The Courier UK –  Another article about Dana

As a result of wee Dana going missing for 18 days, a Facebook group was started for owners of lost pets in the Fife area. You can visit it here:



Foxborough Central #277 A Visit with Two Psychics

Cable Interview Foxborough Central Ep 277 10-2019

My collaborator, Mayan Shamanic Healer and Rebel For The Light, Karla D. Pineda and I were graciously invited to be on Comedian Dale Cover’s podcast.
What The Deal Dale Episode 88 – Sharing of Gifts

Cable Dale Cover May 2018 speaking

We all had such a wonderful time! You can visit Karla’s Facebook page here and see more of Dale’s podcasts here.
My interview on Brenda McGee’s Paranormal Show, Paranormal Encounters

Brenda McGee Paranormal Encounters Ep 20 1

Mystic mutt Phone call leads owner to quarry.. and pooch

Psychic found my dog in Fife – without leaving the USA

US psychic’s ‘vision’ helps reunite missing dog Dana with owner

Foxborough Central Episode #277 A Visit With Two Psychics

Brenda McGee on Paranormal Encounters Episode # 20

What the deal Dale Episode 88 – A Sharing of Gifts


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