14 Sure Signs From Your Deceased Loved Ones – Signs From The Dead

14 Sure Signs From Your Deceased Loved Ones – Signs From The Dead

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You may have been thinking about a departed Loved One and then found a feather or a penny…heard a song you both enjoyed…

felt a warm hug while by the shore.

Our loved ones try to communicate with us any way they can.

Often times, they do their best to offer you guidance through a sign, letting you know you’re on the right path or are making the decision that is most correct and beneficial to you.

It takes a great deal of effort and energy on their part.

There are many ways they attempt to communicate.

These listed here are just a few signs your loved one is near and understands your problem or issue.

Keep a small journal handy and write the date and time you received your sign and anything you were thinking about.


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You may begin to see a pattern.

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People need to know and be comforted.




  1. Pennies or dimes.  Yes, the old saying, “pennies from heaven” actually DOES have meaning behind it. Pick them up, save them in a special place and you’ll see them add up…all the times your mom, dad, grandma or bestie messaged you!

  2. Feathers. They often appear in your path out of nowhere…be sure        to look downward occasionally so you don’t miss one!  Think of              the angelic realm…freedom to fly and travel places in an                          instant…your loved one is no longer bound by physical pain and              suffering.

                                                                                                                    3. Shimmering or sparkling lights flying quickly.  Pure                            energy…everything is made of pure energy. Vibrating at a higher            rate, spirit becomes invisible. Enjoy the sparkles and smile from              your heart. They worked hard to light your way.

                                                                                                                    4.  Rainbows. Though they can’t create rainbows, your loved one can         be present and prompt you to look up and see a rainbow you might         have missed…validating their love and presence for you…                       Rainbows have been a sign of comfort through the Ages and that           sweet comfort hasn’t changed today.

  5. Clouds. As with rainbows, we can look up and see faces or shapes        in the clouds…which can remind us of happier times with our loved        ones.

  6. Specific aromas and scents. They say the scent of roses is a sign        of Our Lady, also known as mother Mary. for me, it’s always been a        specific sign from my beloved grandmother. For some it might be a        certain pipe tobacco or birthday cake!

  7. Pets. When you see your dog or cat staring at something beyond          you or at something that isn’t there, know they are seeing                        Spirit…someone. If your pet  barks, growls or hisses, it ISN’T a                loved one. This will be calming and soothing. You might see them          following something around the room with their eyes…or sitting                obediently, waiting for a pat on the head. It’s happened to me!

   8. Babies and toddlers. As with pets, they’ll smile, stare off into                nothingness…They’re seeing beyond the Veil.

   9. Physical touch or sounds. You may actually feel a touch on your        shoulder, a warm embrace…hear footfall of your dad’s boots or              grandma’s shuffle on the kitchen floor.

   10. Cardinals. Cardinals have long represented ancestors and                     departed loved ones in different cultures.

    11. Butterflies. You know…they just randomly appear. Butterflies                 signify metamorphosis…change, evolving and going to the next               level.

    12. Dragonflies…just like butterflies. Dragonflies are actually born                on the water and then spend their lives flying…wonderful                        symbolism of our loved one leaving this mortal life and going to              the next phase of eternal life, free and unfettered.

     13. Energy and device manipulation. Dimming lights or lights                     flickering. The tv going on or off.It’s happened to me. You’ll have             to watch the video above for a personal experience!

     14. Music or messages on the radio or tv/movies. You may hear             certain lyrics right at the moment you’re thinking of your loved                 one…a show may come on tv where the person is doing what                 your loved one liked. Two weeks after my aunt passed, my                     television turned itself on and a guy was folding his pizza                         Brooklyn-style. No one in the family folded their pizza but my                   Aunt Vivie. When I told mom what happened, she said                            immediately, “Oh it’s Vivie!” and she was comforted.

Write all these things down for they are gifts from beyond.

There might not be birthday presents or presents under your tree…but these gifts are priceless.


Your loved one worked very hard to get the energy to manifest it, just for you.

Don’t take it lightly and always say thank you.


They hear you when you speak to them.

To learn about signs from the Universe, click here to download your free ebook, 7 Sacred Signs from The Universe.

See you on the flip side.



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