Effective Ways To Protect Yourself If You Are An Empath

*Note: This is a follow up to my previous post, “10 Traits Of An Empath Are You Empathic”  and “15 Best Self-Care Tips For Empaths And Gifted People”

If you haven’t heard of Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman from Marvel Comic’s The Fantastic Four, you’ve certainly heard of Deanna Troi, the empathic, ship’s counselor on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unlike Deanna Troi, the character, Sue Storm is NOT an empath. However, for the sake of visual examples, I’m referring to her. Besides, she’s one of my favorite comic book heroines!

You may have realized you are an Empath or empathic after reading my earlier post.

To recap briefly, you may be experiencing panic attacks or anxiety when you’re out in public places.  This is because you intuitively pick up on the feelings and energy of other people without realizing it.

You don’t want to block this gift but rather control it so you can develop it and be out in public and have somewhat of a normal life.

I’ve listed just a few ways you can protect yourself from picking up the energy of others and hopefully, preventing anxiety and panic attacks, etc.

Before we begin, please watch the video and the timer, paying attention to

23 seconds
42 seconds
59 seconds
1:07 (one minute, seven seconds)

Special thanks to Stan Lee,  Marvel ComicsJessica Alba and  Miles Jason on youtube.
*If you don’t have sound, just click on the little speaker icon that has an x next to it and raise the volume. 

What I am about to share with you is not crazy, as thoughts are made of energy and have actually been measured.

As such, thoughts can be weighed and are solid things!

We can discuss energy or auric fields emanating from our bodies and kirlian photography another day. 



Remember, thoughts are things and this is all about putting your thoughts and intentions into this.


1. Create an invisible force field (a.k.a. light shield or energy shield)
This takes visualization and imagination but it works.

Take it from one who has been there and uses it every time I go out!

This technique will help keep people out of your “space” and will keep their energies and emotions away from you!

Your body is filled with energy- why else do medics electrocute a heart with paddles when it has stopped beating?

Visualize…imagine you can actually see all this white light coming from you and surrounds you in a cocoon of energy. It can be as thin or as thick as you’d like.


This is where you need to see the video at 1:07 and again at 1:39.

See her “intention?” 

She’s all over Dr. Doom with her intention!

This will help you visualize how to do it. Visualize it and set it in place by “willing” it to be with your thoughts.

This invisible energy field pushes away other thoughts…emotions…and any other energy coming at you.

Remember all the Star Trek captains yelling, “Shields up!” as the ships were being fired upon?



The only difference is that you don’t use di-lithium crystals for this…

You use your own energy!

Now, you’ve set your invisible shield and

you’re a SUPERHERO! 😉

2. Zip up with a Hazmat Suit!

Well, an invisible hazmat suit.

Just like the energy field, you can visualize yourself wearing a hazmat suit that nothing can penetrate. 

You are completely safe from all energies.

Just bend down, literally, and go through the motions of zipping up a suit. 
Sounds foolish, but guess what?

It works!                                                                                                                          
It’s all about your visualization and intention. 

Your thoughts are powerful and if you feel safe in a hazmat suit, then energetically, put one on and you will feel safe…

and if you feel safe and protected, you WILL be safe and protected!

Are you getting it now?

You can also protect yourself from energy Vampires by visualizing you’re wearing a suit of armor.

Sonja armor 

You can add all kinds of layers, if you want to.

As a finishing touch, I visualize liquid glass pouring out of a “galactic pitcher” onto my invisible field and covering it completely. As it falls, it hardens into a two-way mirror, the reflective side facing outward. It is seamless. Anything that comes at me that is negative is immediately reflected back to its source.

Because it is two-way, it allows all good, positive energies and everything at a higher vibration…Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace..Happy people and people who have my best interests at heart.

In the video, the other times I listed are of Sue sending out the energy to block, push, protect…it’s to give you an idea of the power of your thoughts.

You must believe that you are blocking other people’s energy so you can go on with your life.

Do you want to live with panic attacks and anxiety if they can be prevented simply by visualization and moving energy?

**I’m not saying this will cure everyone’s anxiety or panic attacks. Obviously, there are disorders that need medical treatment, so always consult medical experts!

I’m saying that some of this panic and anxiety may be caused because the person is picking up other people’s energy, emotions or thoughts.

Personally, I plan my trips out so that I avoid the crowds.
For me, the emptier a store is, the better I like it!

Next time, we’ll concentrate on self-care for empaths.

See ya on the sunny side,


3 thoughts on “Effective Ways To Protect Yourself If You Are An Empath

  1. Jenny – this was an awesome and incredible post. Being an empath and a strong Star Trek fan – this was awesome. (Love me some Deanna, though Star Trek Voyager is my favorite out of all the series). It’s so true…..thoughts are creation – so these are some wonderful techniques. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂


    1. Jenny E Weeks

      Hey LT, I love Star Trek Voyager, too though Deanna is awesome! I’m glad you like the techniques I shared and hope you put them to good use! 🙂


  2. Rena

    That is great to know. I almost on a daily basis put an invisible shield up to block things and cut ties from my past (I didn’t know this is what you were talking about today on our phone conversation). I had a friend once suggest the to zip up method and I did a few times but that was the extent of it.

    The invisible shield or aura, I do when I meditate down in hypnosis to help relax my body. I REALLY like the 2 way mirror and I will for sure use that from now on. Thank you so much. You are such a blessing and brought into my life for a reason.


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