Happy Reunions and How It All Began

Happy reunions always make me cry.

As such, I had been thinking about creating a category or page of the happy reunions- lost pets I’ve assisted in reuniting with their loved ones, well before Anya’s rescue made the news.

Now is the time.

You see, Anya is famous now because Anya was in Scotland. Her story is miraculous. 

I live in the United States.
I guess that’s what makes it even more miraculous.

However, less than 24 hours earlier, I assisted in finding another lost dog in Kentucky.

A sweet, little 4 lb. chihuahua named Mia.

Her mother wrote a beautifully detailed testimonial which you can read here on my Testimonials page.

Yet, there was no fanfare or publicity… just a beautiful reunion, a scared, little dog now safely reunited with her new mom.

So, I want to honor what all these dogs have been through by writing about them.

There are lost and stolen dogs every day.

It breaks my heart.

And not just dogs go missing but cats and all kinds of pets.


Since Anya’s article, I’ve had people contact me on Facebook or here, asking me to tell them where their dog is.

I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work like that.

I wish it did.

It would be nice to “plug in” and have a computer tell me where Fido and Fluffy are.

It actually all began with Ruby and Jade in Erskine, Scotland.

I was contacted by the owner’s daughter on Twitter.

I’d never looked for lost dogs and told her so but I was willing to help however I could.

I did what I normally do…

I rest for one hour then pray and meditate for 30 minutes before attempting to communicate with any animal or even do a any kind of reading for a human.

If the animal wishes to communicate with me, it will come to me.

If it appears solid, then it has passed. I don’t know why it’s like that for me but that’s the way it happens. Each psychic receives their communications differently.

And I’ve helped many animals communicate with their human families before crossing over so I know the difference.

If the animal appears to be transparent or fades in and out, then I know it’s alive.

Many times, I see what they are seeing or feel what they are feeling…even to the point of being thirsty or smelling dirt.

Sadly, seeing trees doesn’t tell the owner where the dog is, only that it’s still alive.

Many times, I ask them to show me where they came from, what happened to them and how they arrived where they are now.

This can sometimes give me a landmark or I hear a sound that I relay to the person receiving the information. Sometimes, I hear a word or a name that I also relay.

[tweet_box design=”default”]Every animal is different and communicates differently. I see, hear, feel, smell and taste and have to convey all of that into words that a human can derive clues from.[/tweet_box]

The saddest times are when I know the animal is alive but all I’m seeing is dark of night or I’m huddled up in leaves trying to keep warm or I’m under a shed, hiding from humans.

There aren’t many clues in that to help find the animal…so I keep trying.

[tweet_box design=”default”]There are never any guarantees but there is always Hope.[/tweet_box]


And now…please click on each name to read their stories.

1. Ruby – coming soon

2. Anonymous- coming soon

3. Mia- found in Kentucky

4. Anya- coming soon

5. Dana – coming soon

6. Anonymous – coming soon


Video Update:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these wonderful, heartwarming reunions.



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