Animal Spirit Guides Totems and Animal Wisdom – How They Can Help Guide You

Animal spirit guides, totems, animal wisdom…

Is there such a thing, really and how can they help you?

Abraham Lincoln said this when replying to friends who teased him for delaying them by stopping to return a fledgling (baby bird) to its nest:

“I could not have slept tonight if I had left that helpless little creature to perish on the ground.”

There is a Life Force in all things.

He felt that little bird’s energy..that it was a living, breathing creature.

Every plant, every animal, every mineral has a spirit.

Native Americans believe everything on earth has a spirit and can, therefore, be a spirit guide.

When I visualize Abraham Lincoln, as tall as he was, bending down and tenderly picking up a tiny, baby bird to return it to its nest, I remember one of the many reasons he is my favorite president.
Abe Lincoln and his cat, Socks

We all live on this beautiful, living world together, sharing air, water and sunshine.

There are so many videos on the internet of animals of one species taking care of another.
This beautiful, blind mama dog is nursing kittens


Many cultures believe that once, Man was able to communicate with and even spoke with the Animals.

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Sadly, that gift was believed to have been taken away.

Perhaps it was the hardening of men’s hearts that led to that loss.

What is a ‘hardening of heart?

Our hearts become hard when we close off feelings to the sufferings of another being or creature…when we can look at suffering and feel nothing.


Animals don’t need us.

Think about it.

They can survive without us.
Really think about it for a moment.

They live in the wild and survive without guns and knives.

They eat a “raw” diet at its most basic level.

They know when to migrate, they know how to distract a predator.

They know how to survive and communicate as they are, without cars, tools, microwaves or cell phones.

Each species has its own set of unique traits and survival skills. Yet, we humans, as superior as we believe ourselves to be, cannot survive without animals.

I read somewhere that if the little honey bee becomes extinct, all life on earth would perish in four years…the honey bee. Go figure.
Honeybee loaded with pollen.


An Animal Spirit Guide, as with all Spirit Guides and angels, chooses us.

It’s not up to us to pick out the “coolest” animal.

Each animal has its own “medicine,” it’s own unique wisdom and blesses us with it.

They come to us at times we need them the most.

Shamans call their animal spirit guides power animals and these power animals travel with them through their journeying into the spirit worlds.

We have our power animals with us always.

There is one that walks with us on our journey through life.

It could be the animal you’re most fond of or relate best to.

It could be an animal you might find insignificant like a lizard or frog or beetle.

To find your animal spirit guide or power animal, go out into nature.

Find a place you feel most connected to, even in your backyard.

Close your eyes and center yourself, taking several deep breaths.

Then simply ask your animal spirit guide to come to you, telling it that you are ready to meet it and thank it for its guidance and protection.

The first animal that makes itself known to you, whether in your mind’s eye or it comes to you, is your power animal.

Thank it always and learn what you can about it. Look up what it represents as a totem.

Try to see yourself through its eyes.

Live it. Breathe it. feel it.

Pounce like a cougar or fly like an eagle…

Just do a web search by typing in the name of the animal and then follow it with “totem.”

Begin your journey and connect with your animal spirit guide.

After all, animals are angels, too.

What is an angel but a messenger from the Divine for our benefit and blessing.

What messages do the animals have for YOU? ^..^ ,




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One thought on “Animal Spirit Guides Totems and Animal Wisdom – How They Can Help Guide You

  1. Thank You Cinn for sooo much information. 🙂

    What started out as a meditation a few months or more back, ended being a journey. I was met by a beautiful female crocodile who journeyed with me to another time. It was a wonderful experience and I have been changed ever since.


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