Some Thoughts On Finding Your Soulmate

I originally wrote this on 13 September 2008.

It remains true to this day.

Some Thoughts on Finding My Soulmate 13 SEP 2008

12:53am, 8:34pm, 11:34pm

I’ve begun this three times today and haven’t been able to find the words to begin
so I’ll get to the point.

Will the One I choose to love also love me as much with the same intensity?

When we fall in love we tell each other we love each other with all our hearts…some of us really and honestly do and some…sadly…do not.

I have to believe that my soulmate will.

Life’s journey changes us…makes us weary…gives us battle scars.

We put on weight and we lose weight…and we lose sleep and…the car keys…and the damned wallet.

We look in the mirror one day and a stranger is staring back at us.  If we don’t recognize ourselves…if we don’t see the person we really are inside, then how can we expect our soulmates to recognize us?

It doesn’t happen like in the movies or in fairy tales.

We probably don’t see each other from faraway and recognize each other.

I have a feeling it probably happens like this…

Somehow we meet.

Our paths cross and, though we don’t recognize each other right way, something in our personalities will “click” and cause us to stay in touch somehow.

Little by little, like rose petals unfurling, layer by layer will peel away, eventually revealing our true selves.

I believe somehow we will quietly know in our hearts we’ve found our soulmate…through a look or a glance, a smile or a giggle, we’ll know.

We really will know.

It’s been my experience that the answers to life’s mysteries are brought to light in such a way.

As humans, we generally expect God to answer our prayers by sending us an angel or talking to us through a burning bush but it doesn’t work like that.

We expect something dramatic like fireworks and brass bands or a brick falling on our heads when, in reality, the answers come to us like a gentle tap on the shoulder…or we hear a still, small voice that we choose to ignore.

Sometimes we receive our answers by the actions of others.

Maybe we’re too busy to hear the still, small voice or notice the gentle tap…our minds too crowded to pay attention to anything but the moment.

Maybe we’re in too much of a hurry to meet a deadline or keep an appointment to notice the stranger who crosses our paths or answer that phone call from a friend.

God answers our prayers.

The Universe brings us what we think about most through the Law of Attraction- it’s all connected yet we’re too busy and our lives too complicated and complacent to notice.

How sad.

I think we’re too busy with work, with relationships, with life in general to take time for ourselves.

You’re reading this for a reason!

Take time for yourself everyday.

Find yourself again.

Are you the person you thought you’d be when you were younger?

What were your hopes and dreams as a teenager?

What wild and crazy thing did you want to do but never did?

Reach inside yourself and pull those things out- you’ll find your “self” again.

She’s (he’s) in there and wants to be free.

Free like the little girl playing on the swings, staring up at the clouds and wondering what it was like to be somewhere else.

Where was that airplane going that was flying so high up in the sky?

Where were all the people going?


Become your true “self.”

Forget the pain…any bad memories.

Call on your beautiful, sweet, innocent inner child.

She’ll (he’ll) emerge and will guide you to the waiting arms of your soulmate.

Get out of whatever relationship you’re in now if it isn’t working.

You’ll never be completely happy.

You’ll never feel fulfilled.

You’ll always be missing “something” and you’ll always hold yourself back from reaching your full potential.

Forgive me if I’ve offended you, the reader, but these feelings flowed freely so I wrote them.  

They are honest, raw and beautiful.
I hope I’ve at least given you food for thought to rise above the mundane.

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