What You Can Expect With October 2022’s New Moon Solar Eclipse

What you can expect with October 2022’s new moon solar eclipse – per your zodiac sign.

Spooky Season is definitely living up to its name this year, as All Hallow’s Eve (Samhain), isn’t the only spooky event to bring tingles and chills up and down your spine this month.

October’s new moon in Scorpio on the 25th is also a solar eclipse and we have some intense transformations in store for us so grab your flying gear and hang on to your broomstick ‘cuz it’s going to be quite a ride!

Diving deep inside ours souls, we may uncover some well-hidden facets of ourselves we are now ready to explore.

Arriving in the mysterious and watery Scorpio only a few days after the commencement of Scorpio season, this new moon eclipse will submerge us into the depths of our emotions, enticing us to face what lies beneath our surface. Expect your intuition to flow with Scorpio at the wheel and don’t be surprised by new self-discovery. Embrace it.

Along with self-discovery, you may see new value in yourself and realize you are the most fascinating person that you know! You may find yourself with new priorities, new or renewed love and romance. You may feel like the ground is shifting all around you. The whole world is going through major transformation and this is just a small part of it. Remember, we transform every day and are never exactly the same as we were the day before. This is on a grander, emotional, spiritual scale and it can be quite exciting. Magic is afoot for those who wish to see it.

You’ll find all signs listed below. Remember to check not only your sun sign but your moon, rising and Venus. If you don’t know, click here for a free natal chart.


Like The Hermit in Tarot, you may feel like you are passing through an extremely painful or difficult time right now. Commonly known as “the dark night of the Soul,” by exploring your “shadow side,” reaching inward and truly being honest with yourself, you may find new depths in your relationships and you find something you’ve been looking for but didn’t think you’d find.


The traits of your sign are being strongly heightened by this particular new moon solar eclipse, Taurus so expect some serious changes in relationships. You may find yourself having deeper feelings for someone without realizing it happened or have deeper feelings in a commitment. Whatever it might be, the dynamics in your relationships may be changing and you may be presented with new opportunities to meet people, one on one. Make the most of these new opportunities and relationships, as they are powerful. Make time and space in your life for these connections as you will be glad you did.


Time to re-evaluate your daily schedule, Gemini, as your priorities are shuffling up a bit. This new moon solar eclipse will cause you to look at your meticulously look at what’s needed and what no longer is needed. Clear out the clutter and shake up your daily routine. Time for a good Fall/Spring cleaning!


Bring your passions forward, Cancer because your heart energy is changing! Your dating style may change and a new love may swoop in on that broomstick to whisk you and your heart away. Let this exciting time lead you and your heart to new energies and new revelations.


Trust the process, Leo, as emotions re-build your whole inner core and sense of Self, starting with your very foundation. Family events, childhood memories, living arrangements may shake loose the old image you have of yourself. Out with the old. In with the new YOU!


You’re on the ball and pretty sharp, Virgo so pay EXTRA attention to the most minute of details. From the casual convos and little interactions, major info and implications are right in front of you for the picking. Don’t miss out, Virgo because new opportunities could come out of nowhere so pay attention.


Time to get up close and personal with your finances, Libra. Value yourself and let go of any shame or feelings of low self-worth regarding your job, career, success or lack thereof. You are more valuable than you realize. Things might be tough for a bit as you may need to make some purchases and spend some money, i.e., new wardrobe, laptop, supplies, etc. Remember, “As you think, so shall you be.”


You are stepping forward into the unknown, Scorpio and completely re-inventing yourself. This goes far deeper than the outer,physical appearance. This is releasing the old version of YOU, created by others and taking hold of whom and what you KNOW you ARE. Just be YOU. Rise up out of the ashes of your past like the Phoenix and begin anew.


You may find that you’re letting go of your “life of the party” persona during this time and turn inward to your Higher Self. Time for some deep reflection, spiritual growth, further light and knowledge into Self, expanding your intuition and soul work. Take some “alone time” and rest and relax to direct your focus and energy to this spiritual stretch.


You are no stranger to hard work, Cappy and what you do for a living is important to you. New ideas about how best you can serve humanity will come to you. What can you leave to the world? How can your talents enrich the lives of your fellow travelers on this great blue orb we call Home? New opportunities and idea to connect with your tribe will become apparent. Open your heart.


You’re going to shine brighter in the world, Aquarius as this eclipse cycle is very powerful for you. Major career growth may be happening along with some big opportunities. Step up and be seen, Aquarius. Take charge and show ’em what you’ve got!


You’re pondering some deep thoughts, Pisces and questioning all you thought you knew about Life. New perceptions are downloading at a phenomenal speed. Welcome the fresh outlook and new ideas. You’ll be out of your comfort zone so make sure you make room for more.

Enjoy, Peeps

~ J. xx

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