Can Pet Psychics Really Communicate With Animals

Can Pet Psychics Really Communicate With Animals?


It’s one of the things I do….
one of the gifts I’ve been blessed with.

I talk to animals….live ones and ones who have transitioned to the Other Side.

I’m not crazy.

Quite the contrary.

I‘ve been able to feel and understand animals all my life and now, I am able to help grieving pet guardians who have lost their loyal and faithful companions.

“Jenny,” you might say, “how can I know you’re telling the truth and not some crack pot preying on my grief?”

You’ve shared things with your animals.

You know what color their favorite blanket was or favorite treat.

You know how they lived….and how they passed.

Regarding Animal Communication, when the beloved pet comes through, I see what they are showing me.

Sometimes, I’m romping in the snow or playing a game of “tug” with a sock or something. Sometimes, I’m running through the grass and jumping on my “human.”

Sadly, sometimes, I’m starving and afraid…cold and lonely.

I can’t really explain it except that I see and feel what they try to show me.

In this way, I can sometimes help locate a lost or missing pet, too.

Jax and Ruby on the way to the Veterinarian when Ruby was found.

Catherine from Scotland shared this testimonial and I was so happy to have helped:


Jenny you are such an amazing women!! You honestly helped me so much and everything you said was so true.
I live in Scotland and jenny guided me so much in the correct direct to help to catch a beloved dog. Jenny’s advices totally worked and I would totally recommend her.
I have never ever used any communicator in my life, however I would certainly use Jenny again 100% accurate.Thanks Jenny . Xxx”                                                   
                                             – Catherine Findlay, Scotland

Here is a recent note from Barbie Zabel about Blaze:

“It was very clear that Blaze and I turned the corner very shortly after our call.  And he continues to improve this evening. I am seeing my little energetic puppy *show himself* more and more and more.

The light is gradually turning back on in my little 12 year old guy, and my confusion, indecision and fearful worry is gone, and therefore not affecting him anymore (which is a huge milestone in itself – I know that my own feelings were NOT helping him, as we are so connected).
The way to complete health – for as long as his little life span allows – is wide open.
The freak’n vets/doctors do not have the last say in how my Blaze needs cared for anymore. (I haven’t been to a doctor in upteen years for the same reason.)
Thanks for your help in clearing away the fear, which is now allowing up to follow*our* way instead of the establishment’s.
Blessings to you, Jenny…You’ve been such a tremendous help to us!”
                                                                               – Barbie Zabel


And from Alyssa H. :

Thank you so much, Jenny!!!!!

You have helped me so much with my cats

Your advice totally worked about the harness for going outside and just talking to them about it.

I followed exactly what you said and instead of them jumping and wiggling around, they sit like good babies while I put the harness on them, and they look forward to going outside with it on.

No more squirmy kitties, just happy babies

And thank you again for the reading.

You really helped me let go of that emotional guilt/blame that I didn’t even know I was carrying with me.

I feel so much better now!
You honestly have helped me so much. I feel like I am better connected with myself and with my cats

Moose is staring at me right now as I type this and is giving me the lovey eyes..even he can sense how amazing you are, even if it is through a computer screen!!”
– Alyssa H.


It’s a beautiful feeling to help pets express their feelings and help their humans understand what they’re trying to say…to help ease their fears.

I am here to help them be heard…me…and people like me.

Pets see things differently than we do.

Animals teach us to live in the “now.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief summary of pet psychics and animal communication.

Please leave a comment and share this post to help spread the word.

Animals want to be heard!


Jenny ^..^   ‘

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