Coping With The Death Of A Beloved Pet

Please turn up your speakers and listen.

May this comfort you in this time of terrible loss.

Special thanks to Jane Siberry and k.d. lang for such beautiful harmonies and for calling all angels.

I love being able to communicate with animals.

I love being able to feel what they feel and see what they see and understand things from their perspective. Believe me, they have a lot to say!

The hard part of having these gifts and abilities is when they transition…when they die.

Being with them, usually on the phone or via text, during the process is something that I can help the human mamas and papas deal with…

…helping them as their beloved pet going through the actual transitioning-

whether it be by going to the vet…

or by staying at home and passing where the animals love to be.

It’s hard because the loss we feel is so great…so deep it cuts our heart and soul in pieces.

A blessing for me is that the pet usually comes to me and lets me know they are no longer in the physical body, which I pass on to you…

Coping with the death of a beloved pet isn’t easy- in any way shape or form and really not easier for me, though I can talk to them.

For me, knowing the suffering is over (if they were…sometimes, they just pass gently with no suffering) is the easiest part to deal with.

I breathe a sigh of relief because I know they are free to jump up and down on the coffee table or run free down the driveway and not worry about getting hit by a car…

But the hardest part for me and everyone I’ve worked with is the physical loss.

Several psychic friends of mine have asked me why I still cry over Dovi because he’s with me…they can see him.

Dovi barking at a fly 5-6-09

Dovi chasing a fly July 2009

I KNOW he’s with me…I feel him sometimes…smell him…hear him..




and Scully and Whiskers!

Scully's Soul

Whiskers tolerates us

That’s the part I want to help you with…the physical loss.

When a pet passes, our whole daily routine changes…

Everything is now different and there is a void in our world…until we are able to let go and create a new routine.

Dovi watched me from the bed, every morning. The alarm went off and I told him “stay, stay…Mama is going to make the coffee…I’ll be right back.”

He’d put his head back down, still stretched out in slumber and watch me walk around the kitchen from the corner of his eye until I returned to bed, coffee mug in hand. And he knew the second cup wasn’t far behind! (wink wink)

I did it the last morning he was alive because I knew he wanted things to be normal…he loved the routine.

*** Now, it’s not quite the same but I kept that routine with BamBam and Bebe. They now know the coffee routine.

It’s just different.

But other routines…some I still do, knowing Dovi is still participating in Spirit.

Letting go of the routines have opened up new avenues of free time…sometimes just minutes here and there but those are minutes that were filled up with Dovi and Scully before.

A friend of mine had to help her sweet, little dog cross over two weeks before Dovi passed. He was and still is a strong

and valiant spirit!  She and I have been texting or talking almost every day since then and we both agree there is nothing we can do to ease the physical loss…

We just have to accept that IT SUCKS…and there is no other way around it but to go through it.

There is NO TIME LIMIT for Grief!

It takes as long as it takes. Period.

Loved ones might not want to see you suffer or cry anymore or you might even hear, “It was just a dog” or” It was just a cat.”

Don’t pay attention and don’t take it to heart.

Grieving is grieving and loss is loss.

If I can share anything to help you in this moment right now, it is this…

I wish I could take away your pain and the pain of everyone who has lost a beloved pet and companion.

I can’t…

but I can tell you that, based on my experience as an animal communicator, they are running free and are probably still with you, wondering why you’re still crying because they are right there with you in spirit…perched 

on the window or napping on the bed with you.

They are still enjoying their routines.

They are waiting for a happy reunion with you and are there comforting you when you need it most.




*** 06 March 2015 Since this original post, Bebe also passed last August. Bambam, Rosie and I have adjust our routines and have been dealing with our own grief…but the morning

have been dealing with our own grief…but the morning coffee routine continues on…and as I write this, Rosie, my little brown tabby, is next to me, sleeping  in the sun and Bambam is waiting for me to go back and snuggle.


Bebe posed just for me on June 22, 2014

Rest In Peace, Bebe, my beautiful, sweet girl… 10 August 2014

Our time together was short but filled with a lifetime of love.

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