Paranormal Encounters With Brenda McGee And Me Ep. 20


Paranormal Encounters With Brenda McGee And Me Ep. 20

Special thanks to Paranormal Encounters with Brenda McGee and TV9 for this episode

Soooo…can I even begin to tell you how much fun I had taping this with my dear friend, Brenda McGee?

I want to thank her again for inviting me to be a guest on her awesome cable show, Paranormal Encounters.

Brenda originally invited me to be a guest on her show in October but I had to re-schedule so here we are now.

During the interim, Anya, the now famous Mystic Mutt of Scotland, was found and Brenda was kind enough to ask me about how it happened.

Brenda, herself, is an amazing Healer and highly gifted Psychic and I’m very blessed and happy to have her friendship.

She is also an experienced paranormal investigator and the head of The Southern New England Paranormal Team

So, enjoy the video…we laughed a lot and I hope you do, too.

Please leave a comment here or on the video page and share it! 

Hopefully, we can continue to help people and pets!



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18 thoughts on “Paranormal Encounters With Brenda McGee And Me Ep. 20

  1. Christine

    Congratulations Jenny. This is a wonderful video and I enjoyed watching and hearing your words. You’re very sincere. I hope I get to meet you someday.


  2. This is too cool. Such amazing gifts. Some believe we all have such abilities; we just don’t tap into them. Isn’t it a shame that as a child, Brenda learned to hide her talents because of societal taboo. Who knows what talents are being denied or supressed for that reason? How wonderful that Anya was saved.


  3. Such a great interview Jenny! Fun, interesting, entertaining, and heartfelt…and yes, even a little creepy like you said. Haha! We’ve been there with some experiences ourselves so we know what you mean. Wish I could hear from a few people today but maybe they don’t want to communicate for some reason we’re not aware of. We just have to trust that we’ll be reunited again someday. Thankful for the times where the good and funny did come through in the past. Appreciate you sharing your experiences and for doing what you do to help others, including dogs. So cool! 🙂


    1. Jenny E Weeks

      Thank you Brian and Felicia. I had a lot of fun doing the interview but more than anything, I love being able to help people get the guidance they need…to speak with Loved Ones, including pets…and to help reunite lost pets with their families. Thanks for your awesome feedback! ❤


  4. WOW……what amazing gifts. Good to hear that you can help so many people and animals during these time. When my mon passed about 15 years ago in a car accident 15 years ago in the month of December.. I could feel and sense her presence soon after she passed for about a month.

    What a sincere interview. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Jenny E Weeks

      Thank you, Hammond. Your mom stayed long enough to make sure you’d be okay before she moved on. What a beautiful experience you had! Thank YOU for sharing it. Blessings XX


  5. Thank you for sharing your story Jenny. That was amazing. When my cat looks around, like following somebody’s movemen,t I wonder if he sees one of the passed cats or another spirit.


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