3 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Intuition And How To Fix It

Many people come to me and tell me they wish they had my gifts or wish their’s were more developed.

I have news for you…


There are reasons “why” your gifts haven’t fully developed and I’ve managed to narrow them down to the most basic, which is not following your intuition…your “gut.”

Within that, I have listed 3 reasons why you are still struggling with intuition and how to fix it.

These are so simple and yet so important!

I hope this short list touches you in some way and you realize you can be using and developing your gifts!

When you are ready to progress, click here and watch my “Developing Your Psychic Gifts” video series! 


Reason #1

You ignore that still, small voice in your head that tells you to 

go a different route home after leaving work and you get

stuck in a major traffic jam which causes you to miss your

child’s birthday party or winning goal at the soccer game.

You realize, “I should have followed my gut, damn it!”

By ignoring your prompting, you minimalized your Higher

Self’s ability to take care of you.


Reason #2

Other people don’t listen to you when you make valid

suggestions so eventually you shut down, keep your mouth

closed and basically close the channel  between your intuition

and you.


Reason #3

It’s too scary.


You have vivid dreams about awful disasters and

catastrophes so again, you block yourself and shut yourself



First of all, if you are ignoring the feelings that you’re getting

about little things like whether or not to go a different way

home, sooner or later, the impressions will stop coming. The

old adage “Use it or lose it” rings very true in this case.


Secondly, as children, we learn to esteem ourselves by the

way our peers and loved ones treat us. As we grow and

develop, we tend to hang around with the same type of kids

in school because it’s what we’re comfortable with…

If we don’t break out of the patterns, we take them into

adult life, the workplace and even our choice of partner or

spouse. That’s great if they uplift us, cheer us on and are

happy for our successes, but if they have their own

insecurities, they may tend to not want us to be right or put

us down to make themselves feel better.


—->  If you haven’t seen my video about crabs in the bucket,

you can watch it here now.


Now, I’m NOT telling you to get a divorce or end a


What I’m saying is that there are several reasons why we shut

ourselves down and how we allow other people treat us is a

BIG one!


And last but not least, it’s just too scary.

Dreams and visions can be very real while you’re experiencing them and

that’s what makes them even more terrifying. I suggest you

keep a dream journal and just write down every detail you

remember. As time passes and you look back, you will see

what has come true or what the symbols mean that recur in

your dreams.


As you allow your intuition to come forward again, you will

feel stronger and stronger in trusting yourself…in trusting

your “gut.”

When you do that, you will feel alive again…

you will feel the passion again

and you will make your life your own again, as it should be!


I hope you’re fired up and I hope you enjoy this song by 

Mr. Tony Bennett… “I’ve Gotta Be Me!


Special thanks to Mr.Tony Bennett for this awesome rendition and all the years of music you’ve given us! Thanks for following your passion!

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