Mia 4 lb Missing Chihuahua Found With Psychic Clues After Disappearing From Backyard

This truly was a miracle.

Mia’s mom, Mischell and I were perfect strangers when we began chatting on Twitter on November 7, 2015

Call it Divine Guidance but we were directed to meet, somehow, to save Mia.

Three days later it happened.

After a few messages on the morning of November 10th, I received a panicked message from Mischell, who was at work, saying she received word that her 4 lb. chihuahua had disappeared from the back yard. She asked me how much I would charge her.

This was terrifying in any situation but, what was worse, was that Mia had only been with Mischell for two weeks.

She was underweight when Mischell bought her from a rescue and had a different name so this sweet girl was totally lost with no bearings or real scents to find her way home.

A lost little dog in a big, scary, unknown place.


Now…This is the miraculous part.

I didn’t know her name yet but…

I immediately saw aluminum trash cans and silver.

Here is my original tweet in response to Mischell’s question:

Me: “I see her near garbage cans.. aluminum

 Silver…and aluminum. Are you near chain link?

Nov 10

She replied, “Thank u I’m rushing home to try to find her before dark God bless” 
Nov 10
Me: I hope it helos. What’s her name?
She may be in something…call her and listen.”
Nov 10
Mischell: Her name is mia

Nov 10

Later that evening I received a message from Mischell that Mia was safe.
In Mischell’s words-
 “On Nov.10th around 7:00 am my female 4 pound Apple head chihuahua went missing from my back yard in Covington,Kentucky she was with my other three dogs. Me and my room mate rescued her from a dog rescue who was visiting a near by pet store two weeks prior. Under weight scared and previously neglected panic set in. I have shady neighbors and this neighborhood is not the best. I contacted Jenny weeks in desperation. it was now around 1:00pm. I was at work and my room mate searched all morning with no luck. Jenny said Mia our chihuahua was near aluminum garbage cans and chain link fencing… as easy as a guess that would seem, it wasn’t….it was everything. where I live most of us have plastic rumpke garbage cans and wooden or short metal design fences.  this narrowed the search down greatly. Sun was setting and it was getting cold. we were about to give up. I had my pit bull on a lead helping us. suddenly he led me through a front yard- metal aluminum garbage cans in the side/ back of the house and a chain link fence. my room mate knocked on the door and there stood a utility worker- a man at the door, holding Mia, she was safe. he found her earlier that morning and picked her up a few houses down from ours. He without question returned her seeing as she had a Denver Broncos collar on and my room mate had a Denver Broncos hat on. this is Cincinnati Bengals territory and not many people fan the Broncos here. Without Jenny weeks we would have never knocked on the door or narrowed down the places she could have been. Jenny stayed in contact off and on for at least 6 hours until we found her. she was truly concerned and we are truly grateful. Thank you and God bless you Jenny for your compassion, devotion and gifts you use to help others.
sincerely Mischell Jessup.”
I still believe we were meant to find each other on Twitter because this was going to happen.

For Mia, I’m glad it did.



P.S. If you are in need of help locating a missing pet, please click here.

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